Best Facial Hair Removal Cream for Women

Ladies, aren’t we all tired of spending countless dollars on salon visits to remove our stubborn facial hair, aka the peach fuzz? Calling to make appointments and trying to fit them into our busy schedules does get tiresome. Plus, going through the pain of your hair being ripped from your skin with extremely hot wax is not the ideal afternoon. In the world of craziness we currently live in, going out and about is something many of us are trying to avoid.

What can us ladies do to still get the same amazing result but also save some money? Let’s talk about the top-rated facial hair removal creams for women. Many stores and online retailers are making running errands more convenient for their customers like shipping to your home, drive-up, and even same-day delivery.

Here are the top three facial hair removal creams for women.  

Let’s ditch the razor and hot wax and take advantage of these conveniences and take hair removal into our own hands! These products are easy to use and have a very intriguing price tag. 

There are many hair removal creams out there on the market but choosing the best one for you is very important. These creams are very affordable and easy to find. This gives you the freedom to try many different brands. The skin on your face is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. Anything and everything you put on your face can have a different effect and that all depends on the ingredients.

When testing facial creams to remove hair it is suggested to patch test an area on your face before covering the entire face. Patch testing is a great way to discover which product is going to benefit you the most. Another thing to keep in mind is how thick your facial hair is. Some products are only able to target thin hair. So, make sure to do your research and follow the directions provided with the product. 

Are you ready to get started? Here are the top 5 rated facial hair removal creams for women

Avon Skin So Soft Fresh & Smooth Facial Hair Removal Cream

Our #1 Pick

Not all women suffer from dry skin but many suffer from sensitive skin. Drug store products can carry scary ingredients that either burn the skin or cause redness and irritation. This Avon product is perfect for sensitive skin individuals. With a fragrance-free and aloe formula, it is gentle enough to remove your unwanted peach fuzz. This product is not recommended for thicker hair. Multiple customers have stated that it is quick and easy to use! 

Nad’s Facial Hair Removal Cream

Nad’s Facial Hair Removal Cream

Gentle & Soothing Hair Removal For Women – Sensitive Depilatory Cream For Delicate Face Areas, 0.99 Oz.

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11/04/2021 06:05 pm GMT

Nad’s is a great and effective cream for first-timers! For anyone who is looking for a smooth and gentle way to remove the stubborn peach fuzz, Nad’s is the one for you. It is perfect for the upper lip and the chin. This cream contains almond and calendula oils that will help soothe and soften the skin. It dissolves the hair just below the surface of the skin that guarantees hair-free skin for days. 

Sally Hansen Crème Hair Remover Duo Kit

Sally Hansen Cream Hair Remover Kit

This hair removal cream features a fresh clean scent and is formulated with Vitamin E for cleaner and smooth skin.

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11/04/2021 06:00 pm GMT

Coming in at number two, Sally Hansen Crème Hair Remover Duo Kit is another fan favorite for quick hair removal. All of your unwanted hair can be gone in little as five minutes with this cream. It contains Willow Herb and Pumpkin seed extracts which is known to help reduce the appearance of hair regrowth. You’ll be happy to know that its dermatologist and salon tested. 

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Nair Hair Remover Moisturizing Face Cream

Do you suffer from dry skin, specifically on your face? Well, you are not alone. If you are wanting to remove your facial hair without drying out your skin in the process, Nair Hair Remover Moisturizing Face Cream is your answer. Like most of us, saving money is always on our minds. This product is the cheapest on the market and can give you exceptional results. 

SURGI-CREAM Facial Hair Removal Cream

Coming in at number 5 is the SURGI-CREAM Facial Hair Removal Cream. This cream is another great option for those with sensitive skin. Now with Maple Honey as a new ingredient it creatives an extra-gentle formula. Maple Honey is known for helping the skin retain moisture. We all know retaining moisture on your face is crucial for having flawless skin. Surgi-Cream removes hair in as little as 4 minutes. It’s that quick! No one has time in their day to wait around so if you are always in a time crunch this product will be very beneficial to you.


That wraps up this post about the best hair removal creams for women.  Hopefully, you found what you are looking for.  Good luck on your hair removal journey!  

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