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We all see the commercials hitting the airways telling you about the best skincare products to use, but if we are all honest a lot of those products are filled with chemicals that make your skin drier and who wants that? Nobody! So, it’s time for war for skin. We want better skin care products, we want moisturized skin, We want quality skincare products, and we want it now! 

“Quality skincare products should be a necessity for everyone. For some people, they feel that just the minimum will do to get the best results, however, that’s not the truth. In order for your skin to be the best that it can be you have to take care of it and maintain that care. Hydrating your skin is one of the best things that you can do for your skin. Yes, drinking your water is good and a healthy diet is too but if your products don’t have hydration, then your skin will surely dry out, and walking around ashy will not be appealing. Cota Skin Care is all about hydration and moisture. We pride ourselves on knowing exactly what’s in our products and what will be beneficial to the skin.”

The largest organ in your body needs the most care and with cold frigid weather just around the corner and how you care for it matters. Cold weather has proven to be extremely weathering on the skin, especially melanin skin which makes it important to use great products. So, what can you do to combat dry, itchy, and hard skin; Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!! You must moisturize your skin in order to get the best results and not just any old product will do. You must be knowledgeable of what goes on your body, just as well as inside. Britini Ricard hailing all the way in NOLA aka New Orleans is the mastermind behind Cota Skin Care. Paying homage to her brother who passed, she has dedicated the name of her vastly growing brand after him Chev on the Ave (Cota). 

“It was important to me to give my business a name that would be heard all around the world. He inspired me because of his own skincare journey and how great and amazing his skin was. That’s why even in rebranding I took into consideration our packaging and product contents and even our recipes. I invested time into ensuring that not only did the product look good, but it was great for your skin. I didn’t want to just slap a name on a jar. I wanted to be fully aware of the entire process of creating and mixing so that when I get before people, I’m not reading a script but rather that I know exactly what I’m speaking about. Knowing all about product formulation has been so important for me because when you don’t know what you are putting on your skin, you are harming it.  When people experience the products, they are also experiencing a little of my brother and what he meant to me.”

With one of the largest social media influencers around; Ari Fletcher as a brand ambassador along with other well-known faces, Cota Skin Care in two years has become one of the fastest-growing female-owned and operated skincare businesses, Ricard Says;

“I shut down my business for nearly 4-5 months to do rebranding and make sure these products were exactly what I needed them to be. It was literally one of the hardest times of my life and nobody likes to talk about the hardships of fund depletion and bills being unpaid. People love to paint the picture that it’s all sunshine and roses but let me tell you, it’s not. Seeing my business now two years later makes it all worth it. People know the brand and it’s growing each day and my influencers are amazing. Every bump makes it all worth it. I would say to business owners that the struggle is just a test to build you up. You really don’t know how strong you are until you become a business owner. 

Britini continues to set the bar high as her business continues to climb high.

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