The ‘Mama Mia’ palette by Tokyo Stylez…

We love a good makeup palette! And we are here for stylist expanding their brands! Congrats are in order for Tokyo Stylez…

Mia “Tokyo Stylez” Jackson
, online influencer and celebrity hairstylist to some of Hollywood’s biggest names including Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, and Paris Hilton, has launched her first makeup collaboration with Italian-based clean beauty brand CosMyFy. Tokyo will be one of the first Black, transgender women to collaborate with a makeup brand for her own eyeshadow palette and the first US influencer to partner with the CosMyFy brand.
The Mama Mia Eyeshadow Palette, which is named after Tokyo, ($29.00 USD) features 12 highly-pigmented matte and glitter shades in cheeky names such as “Badass”, “Voguing”, “Wig” and “Dramamama”, as well as a mirror surrounded by LED lights to ensure expert application in any setting. The palette is the precursor to her full makeup collection with CosMyFy that is scheduled to launch in Spring 2022 and will be available to consumers while supplies last. The palette is now available for purchase exclusively on the CosMyFy website (

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